segunda-feira, junho 30

Kakadu National Park!!!! We enjoyed a lot, of couse :P

I did it! I DIIIIIID IT! :D

Beautiful snake

On the boat

A river full of crocodiles

Now it´s funny, isn´t it?

On the road...
Ready to go?
Yes, of course!
Just an amazing place... Let´s jump!
Is everything dangerous here?! :/

For a moment i thought that it was in Africa...but it was not

In the middle of nowhere...
The day after...
Is it strange for you as well?! (our guide)
Ohhh God!! More crocodiles...

But amazing landscape

In the paradise
Let´s come back

Yes, i really liked our "caminete" :D
Ok, i´m not afraid of crocodiles :/ Smileeee!!

In the paradise... again
My sister said that it was a dangerous animal but i didn´t care... it was so beautiful

THE BIG END - Tired but very happy! Did you enjoyed it?

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